Creme de la Cosmos


3 Feminized Seeds

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Creme de la Soul F1 x Cosmic Queen F4 Quick Finish

50/50 Sativa/Indica

65-75 days from sprout

1.5-3 ounce average

Expect medium plants with stout satellite branches reaching up to the shoulders of the main colas.  Dense nugs covered in oily resin ranging in smells from red berries and sneakers to creamy grapes, this F1 polyhybrid has a lot to offer!  Cooler temperatures can bring on fades of reds and purples, making her an absolute beauty in her final days.  She has a balanced physical and mental high, leaning towards the stoney end of the spectrum, and will make for a great evening smoke.  For the reversal I used a stocky, faster finishing Cosmic Queen as the pollen donor which will help add vigor and potency while keeping the stretch down.